High Tech vs Low Tech

tomtom-runner-cardio-white-red-1Backcountry.com has the TomTom Runner Cardio on sale for $114.99.  My FreeStyle Shark Predator watch went belly up and a friend urged me to go high tech.

Update:  After using the TomTom Runner Cardio for a week it reminds me of when I upgraded from a flip phone to a smart phone and used the Google Map app for the first time after printing out hard copy Google maps on my Canon printer.

I’ve purchased a copy of The Complete Runner’s Day-by-Day Log 2017 Calendar like I’ve done every year since 1984, but I’m already seeing the benefits of tracking metrics with the TomTom Runner Cardio (pace/speed, distance/calories, steps, heart rate and cadence) on Runkeeper and Strava.

Training Tip #1:

For moderate-intensity physical activity, target heart rate should be at 50 to 70% of maximum heart rate.  Maximum heart rate is based on age.  To estimate your maximum heart rate take 220 minus your age.

My estimated maximum heart rate is 220 – 58 years = 162 beats per minute (bpm).

    • 50% level: 162 x 0.50 = 81 bpm, and
    • 70% level: 162 x 0.70 =  113.4 bpm

For more information check out the  “Target Heart Rate and Estimated Maximum Heart Rate” article on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

“Keep on Truckin” as CSUH Coach Bob McGuire used to say.

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